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Cannabible 1 - The original classic that started it all. Cannabible 1 not only covers well over 200 dank strains from around the world, but also has a brilliant introduction by Robert Connell Clarke (author of Marijuana Botany and HASHISH) entitled "Sinsemilla Heritage: What's in a name?" In this brilliant piece, Clarke traces the entire history of the cannabis breeding movement, as well as the strains themselves. Also included are essays on such subjects as: Solar Puffing, Marijuana Smoking & Dreams, Effects of Sativas vs. Indicas, Too Much of a Good Thing, Organic vs. Hydro vs. Bio, Smoking Apparatus Choices, How to Properly Store Marijuana, Classy Glass, Vaporization, Cannabis Etiquette, The Amsterdam Experience, etc. Breathtaking photography and microscope photography throughout. A must have for any cannabis or nature lover!

10" X 10" - 188 pages - Hardcover

Cannabible 2 - Taking off where volume 1 left off, Cannabible 2 raises the bar even HIGHER with 200+ all new strains, as well as an enlightening introduction by Joan Bello (author of The Benefits of marijuana - Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual) entitled "Does Marijuana Make You a Better Person?" Suffice it to say, Yes it does! Add to that funny and informative pieces on: Higher Organics, The Australian Cannabis Cup, Mardi Grass, Powdery Mildew, Water Hash, Cannabis & Chocolate, On Judging Cannabis, Effects of Legalization, Marijuana Smoking & Creativity, How to Distinguish Fine Cannabis, Jamaica, Marijuana vs. Wine, The Tolerance Factor, Classy Glass II, Sonic Bloom, State Vs. Federal law, The Munchies, Switzerland, Invoking the Spirit of the Plant, etc. All this and packed the the brim with lush photography and more of King's renowned microscope photography. If you loved Cannabible 1, you will love Cannabible 2 even more!

10" X 10" - 182 pages - Hardcover

Cannabible 3 - Shot with the finest camera equipment made, Cannabible 3 is, dare we say it, the best of the series. Aside from covering well over 200 more yummy new strains, with accurate descriptions of their flavors, growth characteristics, highs, orgins, and more, Cannabible 3 also includes an incredible introduction by DJ Short (author of "Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets" AND Jason Kings favorite cannabis breeder, having created such legendary strains as Blueberry, Flo, Old Time Moonshine, F-13, etc.) entitled "Cannabis and Community". Volume 3 contains thought provoking pieces on: The Government Cannabis Farm in Mississippi, Cannabis on the Web, "Beasters", "Compassionate" IND program, Praises to the Dealer, Diesel Breakdown, Cannabis Flower Essences, Light Deprivation, Tissue Culture, Does Pot Cause Cancer?, Top Ten Necessities for Cannabis Connoisseurship, Feminized Seeds, JK's Top Ten, Classy Glass III, Shower Curtain Hash, Why Most Pot Sucks, Elite Clone List, Are You Sirius?, Seed Knockoff Companies, Cannabis Buyers Clubs, FIM technique, GMO Cannabis, etc. If you were not a connoisseur before you read volume 3, you will be after!

10" X 10 " - 222 Pages! - Hardcover